The first time I walked into an oil and vinegar store years ago, I was there for the oils. I love cooking with different oils. Then The Rooster started pointing to, and sampling, balsamic vinegars. I wasn’t having any of that! As far as I was concerned the only vinegar I needed to cook with was red wine vinegar. I mean, that’s what my mom did. Why stray from that!

Then, I started reading. Then I started applying what I read to cooking. Then we added our own line of balsamic vinegars to Rooster’s Market. And now? Ya’ll the team and I could go on and on and ON about balsamic vinegars! And we do! What is most interesting is what customers share with us.

As we progress with articles, I’ll delve a little deeper into different specific uses for not only a traditional balsamic, but for flavored balsamic. This article, however, I’ll list some of the ideas we have shared with our customers, and in one case, a use a customer shared with us!

Balsamic vinegar uses:

  • Salad dressing
  • Finishing for vegetables
  • Make a reduction for grilling
  • Use in and on appetizers
  • Meat marinade with a good olive oil
  • Add to your barbecue sauce
  • Use in and on desserts
  • And one customer favorite – in and on his breakfast cereal!

In time, as stated above, I will talk more on history/origin of balsamic vinegar, health benefits of balsamic vinegar, specific information on the uses above, and of course, I will be sharing recipes using balsamic vinegar. As for the last use, on cereal, I’ll leave that one up to ya’ll to try and share your thoughts. I’m not that brave, but it does sound interesting!

The Hen