We must preface this post by saying – if you read to the end, there will be no more need for guessing, speculation, or detrimental rumors. Any questions – please feel free to ask.

Yes, you have seen the PROPERTY for sale online.

Yes, you will be seeing “For Sale” signs on the fence.

Yes, you will see “activity” on the south end of the property.

Yes, this post will explain it all!

Let’s start with this – NO – Rooster’s Market is NOT closing! Our loyal regulars will still be able to shop for the high-quality produce and products they have come to expect at our market.

As everyone knows, we began our larger building the week before Covid hit. All throughout Covid we remained open and feel we assisted our customers as best as we could – providing items you couldn’t find in the big stores, we offered store to vehicle delivery before the big stores did, we offered home delivery before the big stores did. We did all of this FOR YOU.

We thank everyone that shopped with us in store and online during Covid. Those were some scary times that nobody expected, nor knew how to handle. We were honored that so many shopped with, and supported, us during those times. More importantly, we were honored to help your families.

While we switched gears to help our community, the droves of weekend customers never stopped! Our customer base has grown exponentially thanks to all of the people that utilize 515! We have met more people from south of PICKENS county, from Florida, from all across the country! Truthfully, without those customers, we know things would probably be quite different for us.

This brings us to the sale of the property. In the coming weeks, Rooster’s Market will begin the buildout of the south end of our big building. The buildout will be the new home of the MARKET. The current market building will move to the north end of the new building. We will be leasing this building.

We have chosen not to build our family restaurant. Truthfully, we have decided at this point in our lives, we just aren’t willing to transition into the restaurant business.

The property (land) as a whole IS for sale, OR we will lease the north end of the building to the right tenant – preferably a restaurant entrepreneur. We believe Jasper deserves more dining selection. We believe YOU all are the perfect group to help this property grow with the high caliber of business you’ve come to expect at this location.

To those that have shopped with us, or regularly shop with us – THANK YOU! For those that have not shopped with us, we look forward to serving you!

The Rooster & The Hen